501 Must-Visit Natural Wonders


Издательство: Bounty Books

Год: 2011

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544 стр.

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82000 руб.


There really is no limit to the number of natural wonders on our planet Earth. While this book gives you the opportunity to read and learn about 501 of the most spectacular examples, there are an infinite number of natural wonders all around us. Whether it is the trees that grow in our woods, fields and parks, the plants (and weeds!) that thrive in our gardens and hedgerows, the ants' nests, the spiders' webs or the amazingly varied landscape of our countryside - virtually anywhere you look-there is something naturally wonderful.
Yet if it's the spectacular natural wonders you're after - and who isn't? - this is the book for you. Here you will find described the cave where 20 million bats roost, the remote Indian Ocean island that is home to 100, 000 Giant Tortoises as well as the world's most active volcano, the longest cave system and the lake that is so deep that it would take all the world's rivers more than a year to refill it. Mountain ranges, deserts, gorges, rivers, glaciers, marshes, cliffs, waterfalls, coral reefs, tropical rainforests -there is a wealth of wonders here to exhaust even the most intrepid of armchair travelers.


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