A Behanding in Spokane


Автор: Martin McDonagh

Издательство: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Год: 2011

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48 стр.

Цена на OZON:

101900 руб.


A dingy motel room. Small-town America. Carmichael travels with a suitcase full of hands, but he wants his own back.
Toby has a hand that he’d like to sell Carmichael for the right price.
Marilyn wishes that Toby had never stolen that hand from the museum.
Mervyn thinks Marilyn is pretty hot. He works reception, though he wouldn’t call himself a receptionist. Life and death are up for grabs, and fate is governed by imbeciles and madmen in this darkly comic new play from the acclaimed playwright Martin McDonagh. A Behanding in Spokane turns over American daily existence, exposing the obsessions, prejudices, madness, horrors, and, above all, absurdities that crawl beneath it.


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