A Practical Guide To Using Second Life In Higher Education


Год: 2011

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224 стр.

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279800 руб.


In recent years there has been increasing use of virtual worlds in Higher Education, particularly in Second Life. This practical handbook is a pedagogically-informed text that guides staff in the use of Second Life in the fields of further and higher education.

The book has been designed to support teachers who want to use Second Life and provides both an overview and a detailed consideration of the opportunities this immersive world offers for teaching, learning, assessment and research.

To assist readers, Maggi Savin-Baden has included:

  • A glossary of terms
  • Details of challenges and mistakes to avoid
  • Examples of good practice
  • Links to websites and other sources of help
This book is designed both for those new to Second Life as well as those with experience of teaching in virtual environments. It will help teachers to progress from getting started with Second Life to developing their teaching within the environment.


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