A Supply Chain Management Guide To Business Continuity


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Год: 2011

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272 стр.
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Awell-monitored supply chain is any business’s key to productivity and profit. But each link in that chain is its own entity, subject to its own ups, downs, and business realities. If one falters, every other link and the entire chain becomes vulnerable.

Kildow’s book identifies the different phases of business continuity program development and maintenance, including:

  • Recognizing and mitigating potential threats, risks, and hazards
  • Evaluating and selecting suppliers, contractors, and service providers
  • Developing, testing, documenting, and maintaining business continuity plans
  • Following globally accepted best practices
  • Analyzing the potential business impact of supplychain disruptions

Filled with powerful assessment tools, detailed disaster-preparedness checklists and scenarios, and instructive case studies in supply chain reliability, A Supply Chain Manage ment Guide to Business Continuity is a crucial resource in the long-term stability of any business.


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