Автор: Sultan Alam,Noorul Amin and Azmat Ullah

Язык: Английский

Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2015

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164 стр.

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Saw dust is a byproduct of carpentry and saw mill industries and is available in abundance. In this study Saw dust of Morus alba was used for the Adsorptive removal of metal ions from aqueous solution onto low cost biosorbent with respect to adsorption kinetics and isotherm. The adsorption of heavy metals was carried out as a function of shaking time, concentration of adsorbate and adsorption temperatures. In the initial fifteen minutes the adsorption was rapid and then it slows down due to the diffusion of metals ions in the porous texture of biosorbent and then reached to plateau. Adsorption kinetics of metal ions was tested by first order, Elovich, parabolic diffusion and Bangham kinetic equations and it was found that the adsorption of metal ions is a diffusion controlled process. Thermodynamic parameters were determined from the adsorption kinetics. Other thermodynamic parameters like ?H?, ?S? and ?G? were also calculated from the kinetic data. Freundlich, Langmuir, Temkim isotherms and distribution coefficient were found fit to the adsorption isotherm data.


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