All About Short Selling


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Год: 2011

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Get in on today’s biggest investing secret!

After the global financial storm of 2008, the term “short selling” entered our investing vernacular. But do you know enough about it to safely work it into your overall investing program?

With All About Short Selling, you have what you need to yield high returns with this risky but exciting form of trading—without making all-too-common mistakes. Tom Taulli, an expert in the field, provides a comprehensive game plan for playing—and winning—the short selling game. Avoiding complicated theories and inordinately technical explanations, All About Short Selling focuses only on what you need to know, including:

  • Important analysis techniques
  • Benefits of short selling, from portfolio protection to high returns in tough markets
  • Inherent risk, with considerations of interest costs, commissions, large bid/ask speads, bubbles, and short squeezes
  • Tips for analyzing balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements
  • Ways to manage and evaluate a portfolio that includes shorted investments

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. What Is Short Selling and How Can It Help Your Investing
    Chapter 2. Characteristics of Short Selling
    Chapter 3. Risks of Short Selling
    Chapter 4. Fundamental Analysis
    Chapter 5. Analyzing the Balance Sheet
    Chapter 6. Analyzing the Income Statement
    Chapter 7. Analyzing the Cash Flow Statement
    Chapter 8. Technical Analysis
    Chapter 9. Trading Strategies
    Chapter 10. Alternatives to Short Selling
    Chapter 11. Shorting ETFs, Options, and Futures
    Chapter 12. Special Trades
    Chapter 13. Portfolio Management and Evaluation
    Chapter 14. Tax Strategies

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