All-Star Phonics & Word Studies - Student Workbook - Level F


Год: 2011

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All-Star Phonics and Word Studies, a supplemental program designed for Grades K-6, provides the effective phonics and word study instruction students need when they encounter unfamiliar words. Students learn to use decoding strategies such as sense clues, structural or morphemic analysis, and spelling-sound clues to sound out words and quickly progress from learning to read – to reading to learn. All-Star Phonics & Word Studies helps ensure classroom success by teaching students how to apply their growing knowledge of letter sounds, spelling patterns, and word parts. The program’s unique 5-Star focus helps students learn and comprehend the language while providing teachers with the clear, concise, and effective resources they need to teach and assess specific reading and writing skills. This 5-star focus involves the activation of prior knowledge, introduction of the lesson, guided practice, informal assessment, and independent practice to give students the confidence and tools they need to become fluent and accurate readers and writers. In addition, carefully chosen information provides concise, practical, and effective teaching and intervention options without being overwhelming or complicated. All-STAR Phonics and Word Studies features:

  • Clear objectives and practical teaching strategies give teachers the help they need without being overwhelming or complicated.
  • Multisensory intervention strategies such as visual, auditory, and kinetic reinforcement further teach and apply particular concepts and skills, and color-coded sound and letter cards help students identify and manipulate sounds, letters, and words.
  • Take home letters and books encourage parental involvement and learning outside the classroom
  • Phonics and word based activities such as tongue twisters, jokes, puzzles, brainteasers, and interesting trivia all make learning and skill practice fun.
  • Easy use and incorporation into the classroom with SRA’s unique 5-Star pointers focusing on:
    • activating prior knowledge
    • introducing the lesson
    • guiding practice
    • informal assessment
    • independent practice


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