Apple Blossom Time: An Autobiography in Prose and Poetry


Автор: Louise A. Hess

Год: 2011

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302 стр.

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189300 руб.


Apple Blossom Time:An Autobiography in Prose and Poetry is a unique approach to the story of a woman's life. In prose and poetry, author Louise A. Hess tells readers who she is and how she lives by showing how she interacts with the people in her life; in telling about them she is telling about herself as well. Readers will quickly identify with the author as they realize that they share similar experiences regarding timeless universal themes of love, family, friendship, and life. Apple Blossom Time will draw readers into a relationship with the author. Written in a comfortable conversational voice, this collection of stories, reflections, poetry, newspaper/newsletter articles, essays, memories, and slice-of-life offerings is interspersed with introspective and reflective thoughts. Apple Blossom Time is a book readers will enjoy and reread at various times in their lives; and they will want to give this book to special women in their lives. It's the perfect book for those on the run; the short selections offer easy reading in a compact format. Louise A. Hess is a native of New York, New York; she married the love of her life and they now reside in Bonita Springs, Florida, where she works as a published freelance writer. Besides publishing in various periodicals, she is the author/editor of Something Yummy: Treasured Family Recipes. She is currently working on her next book, Applesauce.


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