Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales (подарочное издание)


Автор: Beatrix Potter

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Frederick Warne Publishers

Год: 2011

Дополнительные характеристики

400 стр.
Тип издания
Авторский сборник
Тип обложки
Тканевый переплет, футляр
Цветные иллюстрации

Цена на OZON:

1083500 руб.


Стильно оформленное подарочное издание в тканевом переплете с золотым тиснением на обложке, трехсторонним золотым обрезом и шелковым ляссе.

This beautiful, cloth-bound and embroidered limited edition of Beatrix Potter's Complete Tales is a fabulous collector's piece. It comes packaged in a foiled presentation box which also contains a hand-numbered limited edition print and a facsimile of an original Beatrix Potter picture letter. The design of the book cover is inspired by Beatrix Potter's love of textiles and embroidery. The tree motif is an original Beatrix Potter illustration and was chosen because it highlights her love of nature. Within this complete and unabridged collection are all 23 of Beatrix Potter's Tales, in one deluxe volume with all their original illustrations. Discover Beatrix's most famous character, Peter Rabbit, and meet his family and friends. There are so many exciting adventures to enjoy, told with such humour and wit that they will resonate with each new generation.


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