Best Poems: Advanced


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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Banish boredom! Excite students with variety—drama, verse, stories, reporting, and more—all at comfortable reading levels

  • Five genres, each in three levels, let students study a particular kind of writing at the appropriate reading level
  • Emphasis on reading skills helps students who have difficulty with a traditional literature anthology
  • Integration of reading and writing encourages students to study how authors construct their works and then to try to emulate stylistic elements

Rescue bored readers by introducing them to the many exciting forms of literature. The Best series collects superb nonfiction, play scripts, poetry, short stories, and stand-alone chapters of longer works, so you can quickly find well-crafted selections that reflect student interests. Best of all, we’ve tailored the series to three reading levels, making it the perfect tool for reaching out to students of any ability who aren’t succeeding with more traditional anthologies.

  • Introductory: Reading Level 5-6, Interest Level 6-8
  • Middle: Reading Level 7-8, Interest Level 6-10
  • Advanced: Reading Level 9-12, Interest Level 9-12


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