Beyond The Lean Revolution


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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256 стр.
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Most organizations are engaged in change efforts often focused solely on eliminating waste in specific departments or “silos.” That’s the “lean paradigm,” and while it’s a good place to start, enterprise transformation goes much further. It be gins with the big picture: What are the strategic objectives? How is the enterprise per forming against those objectives? How should it be? Who are the stakeholders and what do they value? Then it moves forward toward an audacious vision of the enterprise’s future.

Based on years of research and implementation, Beyond the Lean Revolution provides a roadmap for achieving sustainable, bottom-line results, delivering value to stakeholders, and reaching that future vision. Filled with illuminating examples, the book moves well beyond traditional lean thinking, showing readers how to:

  • Ensure senior leadership commitment
  • Assess the enterprise’s current state
  • Analyze stakeholder values
  • Develop a future vision
  • Create a plan for transformation

From inception to implementation and beyond, this book provides a holistic framework for bridging the gap from mere change … to genuine transformation.


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