Bitola region in Macedonia -Population


Автор: Nikola V.Dimitrov,Cane Koteski and Dushko Josheski

Язык: Английский

Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2015

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172 стр.

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660200 руб.


The book represents the largest volume of the project approved by the Municipality of Bitola. It treated the three municipalities Bitola mound and novices belonging to Bitola region. The text abounds with detailed data on the population supported by tables, photos, drawings, maps, etc. Regarding the population, within the space are processed demographic and ethnographic characteristics of the population, as well as territorial division of the Bitola region, from ever since. This conceptualized scientific work we hope will be accepted by users. Finally express gratitude to Prof. reviewers Methods Stojanovski and Prof. Dr. Jove D.Talevski for advice given that a treasure for scientific work. Public express thanks to the large number of respondents, by the artist Pande Petrovski and photographer Peter Stavrev Ostap drawings and photographs, as well as to other persons and institutions which got different types of information and data. Expressing gratitude to the mayors Mr. Vladimir Taleski (Municipality of Bitola), Mr. Lazar Koteski (Municipality Novices) and Mr. Slavko Velevski (Municipality mound).


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