Автор: Bruce T. Blythe

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Книга по Требованию

Год: 2014

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460 стр.

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416250 руб.


A crisis strikes out of the blue, at the time and place least expected. In a word, you're blindsided. According to Bruce Blythe, managing a crisis is an ultimate test of leadership, requiring leaders who inspire loyalty and trust as they rise to the occasion to meet the needs of people. In his new expanded edition of Blindsided, Blythe shows you what it takes to be an effective and humane strategic crisis leader, a crisis whisperer. Blythe has divided Blindsided into two operational sections - giving you two books in one. Much of his emphasis is on the often-neglected human side of crisis management. He goes beyond protecting tangible assets to instilling principled concern for human well-being into every decision. Part 1. Crisis Response: - Using the technique of focused imagery, Blythe places you in a dramatic and realistic scenario. You're now an unprepared manager blindsided by the reality of an active shooter loose in your building. Some workers may already be injured or dead. - What's your next move? How do you make sure everybody is safe? How do you set up teams, command centers, crisis containment, and effective communication? How do you protect your corporate reputation throughout this life-changing event? Can you rebuild the spirit, cohesion, and productivity of employees in the post-crisis new normal? - At the start of the book - before you lived the sudden crisis in this simulation, a crisis response plan may have been someday project - now it's a priority. Part 2. Crisis Preparedness: - Now you embark on building a crisis response plan - or enhancing the one you have. - Without losing the urgency and probable fear of the specific event, Blythe guides you and your teams to analyze foreseeable risks, evaluate existing controls, add new ones, test and re-evaluate the plan. - Analyzing the behavior of national and world leaders, you distinguish clearly the two kinds of leaders who emerge in a crisis: the crisis whisperer who becomes a calm center in the storm, and the one in the crisis red zone, worsening the situation with every word and every decision. - You learn to employ the Be-Know-Do leadership model (adapted from military) that has been implemented by senior management teams throughout the world. If there is ever a time that training and informed quick response action matter most, it's in a crisis. Blindsided includes practical forms, checklists, case studies, real-life examples, glossary, index, discussion questions, and other take-and-use tools, including: - Quick Use Response Guide: Each of the 15 chapters end with a summary checklist - together they form a ready-reference pocket guide. - Incident Checklists for 9 Major Crises: Practical checklists for accidental deaths, aircraft crash, chemical/toxic exposure, civil unrest, earthquake, explosion/fire, flood, kidnap ransom, shooting, plus 20 other foreseeable risks. - 20-Page Guide for Addressing Families of the Injured: What to say/do to help families of fatalities or seriously injured with medical/financial assistance, emotional support - and training teams assigned to work with them.


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