Board, Director And Ceo Evaluation


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Год: 2011

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280 стр.
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Corporate governance demands an increased focus on the leadership role of the board, the CEO and the directors and the call for these to be more accountable for their own performance is a growing global trend. Board, Director and CEO Evaluation helps to implement the recommendations for evaluation that haven been included in almost every major corporate geovernance review or report.

This practical guide is based on the authors' extensive research and consulting experience and provides the information necessary to carry out board, director or CEO evaluations. The authors discuss current thinking in best practice corporate governance and outline the benefits of evaluation. They use diagrams, checklists and practical examples to illustrate key concepts and include questionnaires to evaluate the performance of boards, committees, directors and CEOs.

As board, director and CEO performance is critical to today's organisation, this book is an essential business tool.


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