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Год: 2015

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Brainblocks are the mental obstacles that keep people from achieving success, defined as setting, pursuing, and achieving a goal. Brain management is the solution to preventing mental blocks from interfering with goal achievement. In Brainblocks, neuropsychologist Dr. Theo Tsaousides gives readers the tools to improve: Awareness: - the seven brainblocks to success (self-doubt, procrastination, impatience, multitasking, rigidity, perfectionism, negativity) - the characteristic feelings, thoughts, and actions associated with each brainblock - the brain functions involved in goal-oriented action - brain glitches and how they create setbacks - the cost of not removing brainblocks - the best strategies to remove the blocks Engagement: - actively search for brainblocks in their actions, thoughts, and feelings - recognize and label each brainblock as soon as it is identified - practice each strategy consistently until it becomes second nature - track progress toward a goal Through these strategies the reader will learn to overcome these cognitive obstacles and harness the power of the brain to achieve success in any endeavor.


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