Breakdown, Breakthrough


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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220 стр.
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Recent research shows that many professional women are struggling to make significant change in their personal and professional lives. They are in despair, confused, blocked or feeling overwhelmed and out of control about their work lives and identities.

Kathy Caprino’s groundbreaking book sheds light on this growing epidemic of the experience of disempowerment that professional women face in the workplace. These women are outwardly “successful” in their professions, yet have awakened to the sudden realization that their work is no longer positive, meaningful, or productive in their lives. They know they must find a way out, but despite their many efforts, they cannot find the path.

Told through inspiring stories of women around the country in a broad array of fields, Breakdown, Breakthrough shares the insights, wisdom, and lessons of women who have faced and successfully overcome their crises of disempowerment and have reinvented themselves in creative, expansive, and meaningful ways. The book also explores what is necessary for women to avert crisis and thrive in professional life and to remain true to a journey of continual growth, self-efficacy, expansion, and fulfillment, both personally and professionally. Providing hope for change, the book describes the critical cognitive and behavioral steps to take to bring about positive change, and it details steps for short-term and long-term success, fulfillment, and joy.


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