Business Process Modeling: High-impact Emerging Technology - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors


Автор: Kevin Roebuck

Год: 2011

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350 стр.

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Business Process Modeling (BPM) in systems engineering and hardware engineering is the activity of representing processes of an enterprise, so that the current process may be analyzed and improved. BPM is typically performed by business analysts and managers who are seeking to improve process efficiency and quality. The process improvements identified by BPM may or may not require Information Technology involvement, although that is a common driver for the need to model a business process, by creating a process master. This book is your ultimate resource for Business Process Modeling. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Business Process Modeling right away, covering: Business process modeling, Systems engineering, Computer engineering, Process modeling, Information technology, Change management, Flowchart, Functional flow block diagram, Control flow diagram, Gantt chart, Program Evaluation and Review Technique, IDEF, Unified Modeling Language, Business Process Modeling Notation, Business process, Business process reengineering, Business process management, Integrated business planning, Software engineering, Software development process, Software development, Object-oriented programming, Business model, Value chain, Task (project management), Corporate governance, Strategic management, Core business, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Accountancy, Recruitment, Technical support, Scientific modelling, Workflow, Artifact-centric business process model, Use case diagram, Ivar Jacobson, Activity diagram, G.M. Nijssen, XBML, Event-driven process chain, IDEF0, Business Process Execution Language, WS-CDL, XPDL, Architecture of Integrated Information Systems, JBPM, Model-driven architecture, Service-oriented architecture, Business reference model, Function model, Organizational chart, Data model, Business analysis, Business efficiency, Business architecture, Business Model Canvas, Business plan, Business process illustration, Business process mapping, Capability Maturity Model Integration, Extended Enterprise Modeling Language, Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology, Model-driven engineering This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Business Process Modeling. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Business Process Modeling with the objectivity of experienced professionals.


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