Clinical Drug Data, 11Th Edition


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Год: 2011

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The best single resource available for evaluating and comparing more than 1200 commonly-used medications

Although the primary audience for this book is practicing pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, pharmacy residents, and pharmacy students, the wide range of audiences who may benefit from this book include physicians and medical residents who may find this a useful resource, especially with the downloadable option....This is a useful and easy to use reference. Information is systematically organized in an easy to retrieve way.--Doody's Review Service

...will be useful to all health care professionals in a clinical setting. - Review of an earlier edition from the Australian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Now includes PDA download of the entire text!

Uniquely designed to allow comparisons within drug categories, Handbook of Clinical Drug Data is the most comprehensive, well-referenced book available on the selection, use, and clinical aspects of virtually any drug. Compiled by expert clinicians, this quick-access guide delivers the data you need to prevent adverse drug reactions in your patients and help you select drugs for both general and special patient populations


  • Full-text PDA download
  • More than 3800 literature citations
  • Comparison charts of drugs by class facilitates clinical decision making
  • Tables to help you rapidly identify the cause of adverse drug effects in patients
  • Guidance on the optimal choice of drugs in special populations, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, and geriatric patients
  • Genetic and ethic considerations
  • Extensively cross-referenced index includes Canadian and British drug names
  • Valuable appendices that include Conversion Factors, Anthropometrics, Laboratory Indices, Pharmacokinetic Equations, and more


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