Collins: English for Business: Speaking (+ CD-ROM)


Автор: James Schofield & Anna Osborn

Язык: Английский

Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers

Год: 2011

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124 стр.
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Do you find it difficult to communicate well on the phone? Do misunderstandings lead to frustration at work? Would you like to be more assertive and better at influencing people?
Collins English for Business: Speaking will help you to make yourself understood in business. Model dialogues present key phrases to help you communicate effectively in different situations. You can choose to work on the units that are most relevant to you, or work through the whole book for a full course in business speaking.

  • Twenty 4-page units cover key areas such as networking, negotiating and telephoning.
  • Clear navigation to key language in short, practical units.
  • The audio CD presents natural English conversations plus role-plays to help with fluency.
  • The real language of business English taken from the COBUILD corpus.

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