Computing For Seniors Quicksteps


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Год: 2011

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A full-color guide to computer basics—written for seniors, by seniors

Computing for Seniors QuickSteps provides easy-to-follow, full-color details on how to accomplish common tasks on the computer. Written in a straightforward manner without jargon, this book zeros in on only the most important computer-related topics, avoiding overwhelming you with coverage of every feature of a computer.

Concise descriptions and full-color visuals clearly lead you through the steps necessary to perform a task. In addition to being technology experts and experienced computer book writers, the authors themselves are seniors and have spent many hours getting other seniors comfortable with computers. To create this book, they’ve called on advisers in the areas of photography, social networking, online financial management, and genealogy to address areas of special interest to seniors. Senior citizens from the U.S. and UK serve as reviewers and testers of the information in the book.

Computing for Seniors QuickSteps

  • Includes specific examples that you can duplicate easily. For example: “To buy a book on Amazon…,”or “To search for the best airline ticket between Seattle and New York…”
  • Contains tips on buying and setting up a computer and using e-mail, Office applications, and media
  • Discusses important Internet topics, including security, information searches, driving directions, government agency access, shopping, travel, and genealogical research
  • Covers socializing and communicating online, including playing games, using Facebook and Twitter, and dating
  • Offers details on the basics of using a digital camera and editing and sharing photos
  • Explains managing personal finances, including online banking, researching stocks and bonds, and using Quicken

Full-color, step-by-step coverage:
Getting Started; Using the Internet; Sending and Receiving Email; Socializing and Communicating Online; Using Applications; Getting into Digital Photography; Enjoying Media on Your Computer; Managing Your Personal Finances; Exploring Genealogy


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