Contemporary English 4: Teacher'S Manual


Год: 2011

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Contemporary English second edition has refined the content and skills adult ESL students need to know to survive and thrive living in the United States. The emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, graphic literacy, critical thinking skills, life skills, and workplace skills has all been retained and presented in meaningful contexts through topics of high interest to adult students. Lessons are self-contained, remaining appropriate for both standard and open enrollment situations.

Annotated Teacher's Manuals

This Annotated Teacher's Edition presents each page from the students books in a reduced format. Teaching notes and activities offer valuable teaching tips and tools to promote classroom efficiency and student success. Notes wrap around each student page and follow a Preparation, Presentation, and Expansion format. Preparation contains warm up activities that activate prior knowledge and get students ready for the student book exercise. Presentation provides instructions and tips for success during activities. Expansion activities suggest ways to further develop exercise topics. Each Teacher's Edition also contains blackline workbook answer keys. The Contemporary English Placement Test can be utilized as an entry or exit test to evaluate each students appropriate level in the program.

Components per Level

  • Student Book
  • Student Workbook
  • Annotated Teacher's Edition
  • Audiocassette Package
  • Audio CD Package
  • Conversation Cards (20 cards with instruction booklet)


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