Cybercrime: An Introduction To An Emerging Phenomenon


Год: 2011

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192 стр.

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740500 руб.


Cybercrime: An Introduction to an Emerging Phenomenon covers current issues such as information assurance, federal and state laws, cyberharassment, cyberporn, cyberfraud, and intellectual property and privacy as well as future issues such as globalization and international policing and laws. This text provides students and scholars easy access to current peer reviewed works that examine the current and future issues of cybercrime and outline the historical and technical roots of the Internet and cybercrime. George E. Higgins won the William L. Simon/Anderson Publishing Outstanding Paper Award at the 2006 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) meeting, is a current member of the ACJS Affirmative Action committee, and authored several articles on cybercrime.


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