Dealing With The Tough Stuff


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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160 стр.
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This is what you won’t read about in business school.

Through decades of running businesses, Lisa, Margot and the case-study interviewees included here have learned about dealing with “the tough-stuff”. The narrators and contributors provide guidance and counsel and relate true, sometimes shocking, stories about their companies that exemplify the hardships other entrepreneurs will encounter. Because the contributors are diverse leaders from various sectors and industries the book is useful to new, existing and shifting entrepreneurs. It follows the trajectories of successful business leaders throughout the nation who have faced a host of problems and survived. Here is a book that readers can look to for affirmation, hope and tools. The authors and case-study participants supply tried-and-true methods for addressing these struggles.

Dealing with the Tough Stuff is honest help told through entrepreneurs’ engaging stories of failure and triumph.


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