Deathstroke the Terminator: Volume 1: Assassins


Автор: Marv Wolfman

Язык: Английский

Издательство: DC Comics

Год: 2015

Дополнительные характеристики

264 стр.

Цена на OZON:

195900 руб.


Deathstroke, the break-out villain from the 1980s sensation. The New Teen Titans and current star of the hit TV series Arrow, stars in his own graphic novel series! First, Deathstroke begins his hunt for the man who tried to kill his ex-wife - Ravager. It's all-out action as these two super-powered soldiers go toe-t- toe! Then, someone is knocking off the crime bosses of Gotham City. It's up to Deathstroke to eliminate the competition - but Batman doesn't take kindly to him on his turf. And things get even crazier when the masked killer known as the Vigilante enters the fray. Collects the 1991 first series of Deathstroke The Terminator number 1-12.


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