Decorative Designs from China Dunhuang Murals


Автор: Chang Chang

Год: 2011

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232 стр.

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2013100 руб.


With more than 300 pieces of Dunhuang decorative designs, this book reflects the artists' creativity and innovation in inheriting the national and the Buddhist art and embodies the splendid Chinese culture and the creativity of the Chinese people. This book is the result of three years' collecting and sorting of totally ten types of decorative designs of the Mogao Grottoes, including architecture, murals, painted sculptures and other various decorative patterns conducted by the author Chang Shana, the Lyon born daughter of Chang Shuhong, and her graduate students. These decorative patterns are classified into ten categories with each category sequenced in different periods including the Sixteen countries, Northern Wei period, Western Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui Dynasty, Tang, Five Generations, Song, Western Xia, and Yuan dynasty, presenting a panoramic picture of the Dunhuang decorative patterns throughout the Chinese history.


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