Developing Writers


Год: 2011

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256 стр.

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Developing Writers proposes a new theory and model for teaching and learning writing in the digital age. It reviews existing theories of writing development and re-interprets writing through a lens of multimodality. Coming to the conclusion that writing theories have given insufficient space to the question of what it means to develop as a writer, the book aims to provide a basis for future curriculum design, assessment and teaching and learning practices.

In the book, Andrews and Smith draw on their experience as teachers and researchers to address the problems with writing. Why does performance in writing tend to lag behind that in reading? Are the productive skills of speaking and writing more difficult because they require the learner to make something new? These and other perennial questions are answered in the course of the book, which also takes a fresh look at what it means to learn and develop as a writer.

In particular, existing theories of writing come under close scrutiny. These are divided into product-based theories that take the written artefact as their material; and process-based theories that are interested in the immediate business of how meaning is created via the written word. Although these existing theories have provided insights into the teaching and learning of writing, Andrews and Smith argue that we need to bring such theories up to date in the digital and multimodal age.

The book concludes with chapters on implications for practice and assessment on the one hand, and research and policy on the other. Developing Writers offers a new perspective on, and new theoretical foundation for writing development from the early years through to adulthood.


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