Diary of the Lady: My First Year as Editor


Автор: Rachel Johnson

Издательство: Penguin Books Ltd.

Год: 2011

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480 стр.

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55900 руб.


Rachel Johnson takes on the challenge of saving The Lady, Britain's oldest women's weekly, in her hilarious diary, A Diary of The Lady: My First Year and a Half as Editor. 'The whole place seemed completely bonkers: dusty, tatty, disorganized and impossibly old-fashioned, set in an age of doilies and flag-waving patriotism and jam still for tea, some sunny day.' Appointed editor of The Lady - the oldest women's weekly in the world - Rachel Johnson faced the challenge of a lifetime. For a start, how do you become an editor when you've never, well, edited? How do you turn a venerable title, full of ads for walk-in baths, during the worst recession ever? And forget doubling the circulation in a year - what on earth do you wear to work when you've spent the last fifteen years at home in sweatpants? Will Rachel save The Lady - or sink it? Action-packed, entertaining, marvellously indiscreet. Johnson is everything you want in a diarist and has a compulsive habit of saying the wrong thing. (Sunday Times). She's a loose cannon. All she thinks of is sex. You can't get her away from a penis. (Mrs Julia Budworth, co-owner, The Lady). A total romp, wonderfully readable, unflinchingly described. (Guardian). Hysterical. For the first time, everyone is talking about The Lady for reasons other than nannies. (Piers Morgan). Rachel Johnson is a journalist who has written two previous novels and two volumes of diaries. The Mummy Diaries, Notting Hell, Shire Hell and A Diary of The Lady are all available now from Penguin.


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