Drowning In Oil: Bp & The Reckless Pursuit Of Profit


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Год: 2011

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256 стр.
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The definitive in-depth account of the most devastating in a long line of BP accidents; the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Award-winning Houston Chronicle journalist Loren Steffy delivers an authoritative and hard-hitting account of the Deepwater Horizon disaster that uncovers disturbing patterns and a troubled corporate culture at BP.

Written by the reporter widely considered to be the closest to BP and the gulf oil spill, Drowning in Oil combines years of expertise, research and new interviews to provide a behind-the scenes look at BP’s long history of putting profits ahead of safety.

Loren Steffy puts a human face to the story, introducing readers to the workers and families tragically affected by these series of accidents at BP. He also explores the impact its recent mistakes will have on global energy markets and questions whether new CEO Bob Dudley can really change BP’s culture.

Featuring exclusive interviews with BP executives and employees, environmental experts, and oil industry insiders, this book takes readers behind the scenes to reveal in unprecedented detail BP's win-at-all-costs corporate culture. Steffy covers 100 years of BP history from its early gambits in Persia's oilfields through its role in Churchill's rise to power up to the recent oil spill disaster. Worthy of comparisons to Daniel Yergin's The Prize, and Burrough's and Helyar's Barbarians at the Gate, Drowning in Oil will become the definitive account of the energy industry as the industrialised world nears the age of Peak Oil.

  • Exhaustively researched with exclusive behind-the scenes interviews
  • The first in-depth, objective examination of how BP’s cost-cutting culture inevitably led to disaster on an epic scale
  • A no-punches-pulled account of energy, environmentalism, and the intense competition today's oil markets


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