Effects Of Instructional Simulation On Students Achievement In Biology


Автор: Chika Nwafor and Judith Umoke

Язык: Английский

Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2015

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132 стр.

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There is a proliferation of research textbooks aimed at helping teachers to be professionally inclined in the art of teaching. however, many of these books are repetition of ideas while many are also overdue for revision owing to the fast pace of innovation in teaching profession. Many of these interested in teaching are confused because they have gone through several older texts in teaching methodology without coming any closer to the necessary knowledge, skill and technique that will make them a sound and competent teacher. There is therefore a crying need for a research textbook that is current, innovative, to the point, that will help the teacher facilitate learning in a science class and also enable the student achieve. this is the important gap, which this researched textbook has come just-in-time to bridge. This book is the book that you must have on your library in order to keep abreast of the current issues in the field of science education. This researched textbook is therefore highly recommended for use by the students, teachers and professionals who want to get their bearing right in the teaching profession.


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