Elementary Encyclopedia of Statistics


Автор: Vanaparthi Subramanyam

Язык: Английский

Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2015

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696 стр.

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The book explains the terminology/concepts/phrases used frequently in Statistics from A-series to Z-series with the features listed below for readers in any subject at any level who need basic foundation in Statistics. Its help is inevitable for all research works, surveys, organisations, business management, competitions etc. SPECIAL FEATURES: 1) Multiple definitions in standard forms and their simplified forms to reach beginners at different levels and capacities of understanding. 2) Synonyms of terminology. 3) Antonyms of terminology. 4) Properties. 5) Necessities--- to understand their usage and applications in various fields. 6) Structure/type of data on which they can be applied. 7) Multifarious graphs, diagrams for clear understanding. 8) High speed statistical tables. 9) High speed table on binomial coefficients in interpolation formulas with fractional 'n' from 0.01C6 to 4.99C6 in intervals of 0.01 in 'n'---this is a unique table. 10) The book serves as a data-base of statistical concepts/phrases used frequently. 11) It is in teach yourself style to reach all levels of readers. Readers ascertain and appreciate the book confidently as MUST HAVE THIS BOOK.


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