Environmental Nanotechnology


Автор: Preeti Jain and Shankar Lal Garg

Язык: Английский

Год: 2015

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84 стр.

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294000 руб.


The rapid pace of innovation in nanotechnology has posed a greater risk over health and environment demanding a need for responsible development, relevant policy framework and risk assessment guidelines. This book offers a comprehensive overview of this challenging, inter-disciplinary research area. Topics covered include: Nanotechnology roadmap, Environmental, Ethical and social impacts of nanotechnology The fate and behaviour of nanomaterials in aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric environments Ecotoxicology and human toxicology of manufactured nanoparticles Occupational health and exposure of nanomaterials Risk assessment and global regulatory and policy responses Environmental Nanotechnology will serve as a valuable resource for students, researchers in nanoscience and nanotechnology, environmental science, chemistry, as well as for scientists in industry, regulators and policy makers.


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