Exercise Your Executive Brain


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Год: 2011

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500 Brain-Building Exercises for Boosting Job Performance

Just like the body, the mind needs a focused exercise routine in order to stay healthy and honed--and a daily regimen of games, teasers, and puzzles is the perfect workout.

Exercise Your Executive Brain is packed with 500 fun and invigorating puzzles specifically designed to stimulate the frontal lobes of the brain, which kick starts creativity and sharpens decision-making--the most critical functions for high performance on the job. Start right here with:
• Anagrams • Word Searches • Crosswords • Brain Teasers • Cryptograms • Sudoku • Mazes

Sometimes the journey to success is all about fun and games! Can you find an East Coast city by rearranging the letters in labor time? A pair of rhyming words that mean a majestic trade name? Four five-letter words starting with r using letters in the name Louis Rukeyser?

See? You've already started working out! Keep it up with Exercise Your Executive Brain!


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