Experience Reading, Book 1


Год: 2011

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688 стр.

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740500 руб.


Experience Reading engages students personally, actively, and critically through an integrated print and digital program designed to prepare them for college—and lifelong—reading. Here’s how:

Eight scaffolded modules help students move from guided to independent reading with selections that are personal and relevant to their lives. Each module is arranged from least to most challenging in terms of reading level and includes pre- and post-reading activities that encourage students to think critically, to summarize, and to synthesize what they have learned. By helping students move from practicing to applying, the modules meet a program’s goals of making students independent readers. Modules also promote vocabulary enhancement through the integration of vocabulary exercises.

In addition to the scaffolded modules, integration of metacognitive strategies, and Connect Reading, Experience Reading provides instruction to strengthen comprehension and critical reading skills. Experience Reading uses authentic material allowing students to unlock textbook content across academic disciplines.


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