Favourite Recipes for Your Baby and Toddler


Автор: Annabel Karmel

Год: 2011

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192 стр.

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76900 руб.


Marvellous mealtimes with the UK's favourite guru Bestselling author and children?s food guru, Annabel Karmel, guides you through each stage of feeding your baby and toddler, from first foods to family meals. With essential nutritional information and expert tips, Annabel offers 75 new recipes for purees and finger foods, dishes to tempt fussy eaters and meals for the whole family. Menu planners for each age-range and handy fill-in pages so you can record your child?s reactions to new foods, and your own menus and recipe variations makes this an exciting and essential addition to any parent's bookshelf. Previously published as Baby & Toddler Food Diary


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