Fixed Cellular Broadband Wireless Systems


Автор: Syed Zahidur Rashid

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Scholars' Press

Год: 2015

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132 стр.

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Broadband wireless access systems such as Local Multipoint Communications Services (LMCS) is aiming to provide multimedia communication services to subscribers in fixed locations. Some of the key issues in LMCS systems are the coverage and the cochannel interference. These problems have to be resolved before a successful deployment of such services. In this book, we implement two techniques that are known to combat co-channel interference; these techniques are power control and macrodiversity. The objective of this research is to analyze the system performance of LMCS system using these techniques and under different scenarios. Appropriate power control command rate and power control step size are provided. Furthermore, the effect of macrodiversity on system availability is investigated. A computer simulation was developed and used to determine the system performance of the LMCS network model. The results of the simulation are obtained and presented for different propagation environment and system parameters. The investigated parameters include the propagation exponent, lognormal deviation, Rician K factor, correlation factor of fading channel, power control rate and step size.


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