Future Search


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Год: 2011

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A Future Search is a meeting that uniquely enables people to take down the walls that keep them apart. Future Search details this highly successful way for organizations and communities of all types to apply global thinking and democratic values to achieve rapid, whole-systems improvement. In this widely successful approach, diverse stakeholders in an organization, community, or issue come together for two or three days to explore their shared past, present, and future in a global context. What makes this meeting different from other look-alikes are the transformative underlying principles: Get the whole system in the room; think globally (the whole elephant) before acting locally; focus on the future and common ground; self-manage tasks and take responsibility for action.

New materials for the third edition include:

  • New cases and examples
  • Further emphasis on the four core principles
  • How the methodology has changed, including practices that are no longer part of the techniques.
  • Further concentration on follow-up post-conference
  • Update to the logistics section to show how Future Search can go green.


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