General Practice Companion Handbook


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Год: 2011

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512 стр.
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The General Practice Companion Handbook 3rd edition is as a concise, quick-reference guide containing summaries of the parent text, General Practice 3rd edition.

In this edition, Professor Murtagh adopts more of an evidence-based approach while maintaining the problem-based structure that is core to the manual's appeal. By using a systematic and practical approach combined with the author's distinctively clear writing style, this companion manual is a unique reference that can be used anywhere by general practitioners, students, nurses and all health workers of non-specialist disciplines.

This handy pocket reference follows the McGraw-Hill Companion Handbook series that mirrors substantial, well-established medical texts, such as Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine and Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine. Much like its parent book, this title has a well-established following, using the author's simple, down-to-earth approach to general practice and presenting common medical conditions in an accessible alphabetical format.


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