Grazing. A Healthier Approach to Snacks and Finger Foods


Автор: Julie Van Rosendaal

Издательство: Whitecap Books

Год: 2011

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208 стр.

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317100 руб.


Eating smaller meals and healthy snacks over the course of the day is a very healthy eating pattern. Doctors and nutritionists the world over believe this is the healthiest way to eat and that it keeps energy levels high, lowers cholesterol and keeps blood sugar levels on track. This revised and updated edition of Grazing provides even more great recipes for low-fat dishes that are easy to make and don't ever compromise taste. Some of the tasty and healthy snacks are: Homemade granola Olive oil and garlic bagel chips Spanakopita phyllo triangles Chili cheese oven fries Maple pecan popcorn Curried almond chicken fingers Teriyaki beef sticks Vietnamese rice paper rolls Three-cheese caramelized onion, spinach and mushroom calzone Cranberry pumpkin pecan bread. The revised edition of Grazing provides a program that leads to weight loss and renewed health.


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