Guitar HomeStudy (Volume 1)


Автор: Mr Gavin R Potter

Год: 2011

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164 стр.

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187200 руб.


Guitar HomeStudy is the perfect home-study course for the beginning guitar. It covers everything from: Anatomy of the guitar, reading TAB & Music, Chords, Scales, Music Theory, Sightreading, Ear-training and much more. The book is also based on Trinity Rockschools preliminary and grade 1 syllabus. Therefore, the course is taught according to international standards. There are over 180 exercises, 6 full songs, 212 audio tracks/examples (downloadable from our members only website) and 3 mock exam papers to help you practice. For anyone who doesn't have the time/budget to attend guitar lessons, this book is for you whether you intend to take an examination or not. By providing structured and systematic approach to learning, Guitar HomeStudy is an essential buy for any beginning guitar player.


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