He's Still Here: The Biography of Joaquin Phoenix


Автор: Martin Howden

Год: 2011

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282 стр.

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The first biography of one of the most complex actors of his generationA From his early career as a child star to his Oscar-nominated performance in Walk the Line and subsequent ?reinvention,a?? this biography traces the rise of a completely unique actor. Since his Oscar nomination, Joaquin Phoenix has risen to become one of Hollywooda??s biggest stars. Yet in October 2008, during an interview to promote the critically acclaimed Two Lovers, Phoenix madeA the shocking announcement that he was to retire from acting, declining any future film roles in a bid to reinvent himself as a hip hop artist. The resulting documentary, Ia??m Still Here, turned out to be one of the most extraordinary and memorable pieces of performance art ever committed to film. Born in 1974, Phoenix was a natural performer from an early age, regularly busking on the streets of New York City with his multitalented siblings. Following in the footsteps of his older brother River, Joaquin decided on a career in acting, and his breakthrough performance alongside Nicole Kidman in To Die For confirmed him as the most intriguing actor of his generation.A Thirteen years later, Phoenix undertook his most challenging role to date: playing a completely reinvented version of himself in Casey Affleck's Ia??m Still Here. Fascinating and compelling, this is the first biography of one of the most complex actors working in film and the full story behind one of the most intriguing films ever to have come out of Hollywood.


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