How To Do Everything With Your Palm Powered Device, Sixth Edition


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Год: 2011

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Now you can get more out of your handheld device with help from this easy-to-follow guide. How to Do Everything with Your Palm Powered Device, Sixth Edition explains how to master the latest features, tools, and shortcuts in clear, straightforward language. Learn to configure your PDA&:39;s preferences, HotSync with your PC, schedule appointments, prioritize tasks, and view your address book. You&:39;ll also find out how to utilize different wireless options, access e-mail and the Web, turn your PDA into a mobile office, play music and movies, password-protect your PDA, and so much more. Maximize the capabilities of your Palm OS handheld and make your life not only more efficient, but also more fun.

  • Configure your PDA and enter data using Graffiti, the onscreen keyboard, Palm Desktop, or Outlook
  • Perform wired or wireless HotSyncs
  • Turn your PDA into a GPS navigation system
  • Implement foolproof security measures and safeguard your personal information
  • Access the Internet and send and receive e-mail
  • Schedule appointments and keep track of contacts, tasks, and expenses
  • Use your PDA as a full-fledged laptop replacement
  • Connect your cell phone to your handheld device
  • Play games, listen to music, take photos, download podcasts, and more
  • Troubleshoot, accessorize, and upgrade your PDA


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