How To Sell Clothing, Shoes, And Accessories On Ebay


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Год: 2011

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Turn Fashion into a Fortune

Whether you're selling vintage or new items, we'll show you how to attract buyers and bids in eBay's second-largest category. This unique category poses a host of issues. Navigating them is a breeze when you have lists of sources for even specialty and hard-to-find items, as well as insider tips on pricing strategies and inventory management from top clothing, shoe and accessories PowerSellers.

Learn how to:
  • Stay ahead of the curve by identifying up-and-coming fashion trends
  • Choose a niche—from vintage cowboy boots to brand-new wedding dresses—and become an expert in it
  • Make customers' purchasing decisions easy by including all relevant size information
  • Set a fair return policy
  • Determine the best displays for presenting any product
  • Take photos that perfectly showcase your merchandise

Plus: eBay PowerSellers' exclusive category tips!


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