How To Sell Health And Beauty Products On Ebay


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Год: 2011

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Make a Healthy Profit

Plus: eBay PowerSellers' exclusive category tips!

Health and beauty product purchases are often impulse buys based on emotional fulfillment. For the first time, top PowerSellers share their tips and strategies for appealing to this desire to feel more attractive or younger. Discover the best ways to find, list and sell makeup, perfume, hair products, vitamins, skin-care products, nutritional supplements and other items with this expert advice.

Learn how to:

  • Temptingly describe vivid colors, aromas and other qualities not easily captured in a photograph
  • Keep up with trends and find the newest, hottest products-at the best prices
  • Use trigger words that induce your customers to make impulse buys
  • Write descriptions for health products that are both clinical and alluring

Evoke buyers' emotions and desires to feel younger and more attractive


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