Humble Beginnings: An Expression of my Journey through Paintings and Poems (Volume 1)


Автор: Mr. Timothy L. Giles

Год: 2011

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128 стр.

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This is a book of original artwork created by the author, Timothy L. Giles. Upon review of each subject matter, Mr. Giles hopes that the reader experience an influx of emotion because they can relate; whether the piece of the father kissing his son or the African mother preparing food for her family. He hopes that everyone comes with the same conclusion that the world is a small village and we have more in common than our differences. Mr. Giles also authored the poems that are included with each piece of artwork. The poems express the emotions he felt while painting. His spirit of painting is massaged and inspired by family, history, struggles, and the journey of so many strong individuals. One of his favorite pieces is of the old woman with the walking cane entitled The Elder. Mr. Giles states he could feel her strength, wisdom and grace each time he sat down to apply paint to paper. He wants you to also feel this same sort of emotion when viewing his work. Mr. Giles’ objective is to tell the human story through his art so that everyone can relate to it. He encourages the viewer to appreciate the technical element of his work, but even more, the emotion felt behind it. Mr. Giles believes the world sees him as an artist, but he sees himself also as a story teller! Currently at the young age of 49; born in rural Suffolk, Virginia and having seen over 100 countries, Mr. Giles states he is humbled and fortunate to be able to place his experiences on canvas for the world to see. His favorite phrase and description of himself is I'm just a country boy” who prefers the simplicities of life. God has truly blessed him with a great gift that he now wants to share with the world.


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