Importance of sulphur in oil seed crops


Автор: Varun Kadu,Vijay Balsane and A.B. Patel

Язык: Английский

Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2015

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116 стр.

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the “Influence of levels and sources of sulphur on yield, quality and chemical composition of soybean in sandy loam soil”. The soil under the field experiment was deficient in available S (8.5 mg Kg-1) and neutral to slightly alkaline in reaction. The S sources evaluated under the study were S1: Gypsum (G), S2: Elemental Sulphur (ES) and S3: Single Super Phosphate (SSP). The levels kept were L1: 0 kg ha-1, L2: 20 kg ha-1 and L3: 40 kg ha-1. The experiment was laid down in a Factorial Randomized Block Design with four replications. The results revealed that the plant stand at the initial stage and at the time of harvest of the crop was not significantly influenced by different sources and levels of sulphur. The number of branches per plant were also not significantly affected by sources and levels of S. The highest no. of pods plant-1 was found under S application through gypsum (41.92 pods plant-1) amongst the various sources. The different levels of S had also significant effect on number of pods plant-1. The maximum number of pods plant-1 was recorded under 40 kg S ha-1, which being on par with 20 kg S ha-1, differed significantly from control (0 kg S ha-1).


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