Instant Recall French, 6-Hour Mp3 Audio Program


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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Put yourself on the fast track to French fluency in just 5 hours

Think of each image in your mind's eye for about ten seconds. The French for fish is poisson. Imagine poisoning your pet fish.
The French for milk is lait. Imagine a hen lays a bottle of milk.
The French for bread is pan. Imagine loaves of bread stuffed in a pan.

Now, what are the French words for fish, milk, and bread?

Developed by memory expert Dr. Michael M. Gruneberg, Instant Recall French offers a proven method that provides easy-to-remember word pictures to help you recall essential words and basic grammar in French--instantly. Studies have shown how fast and easy this course is: Students have achieved remarkable results up to three times faster than with conventional methods. If you want to communicate abroad, or if you are having difficulty learning basic French at school or in class, this MP3 program will speed up your language learning and make it stick.


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