Interpreting Statistical Findings


Год: 2011

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232 стр.

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246200 руб.


Need help interpreting other people's health research?

This book offers guidance for students undertaking a critical review of quantitative research papers and will also help health professionals to understand and interpret statistical results within health-related research papers.

The book requires little knowledge of statistics, includes worked examples and is broken into the following sections:

  • A worked example of a published RCT and a health survey
  • Explanations of basic statistical concepts
  • Explanations of common statistical tests
  • A quick guide to statistical terms and concepts
Walker and Almond have helpfully cross-referenced throughout, so those requiring in-depth explanations or additional worked examples can locate these easily.

Interpreting Statistical Research Findings is key reading for nursing and health care students and will help make this area of research much easier to tackle!


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