Island beneath the Sea


Автор: Isabel Allende

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Fourth Estate

Год: 2011

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590 стр.
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Отдельное издание
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Мягкая обложка

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9900 руб.


It is 1770 and Tete, born into slavery on the Caribbean island of Saint-Domingue, has survived a childhood of brutality and fear. When ambitious plantation owner Toulouse Valmorain arrives on the island, he purchases young Tete to serve his bride. But bloody revolution soon arrives at the plantation gates, and they must flee the threatening chaos of the colony for the raucous, free-wheeling enterprise of New Orleans. There, Tete finally has the chance to forge a new life, but only if she can sever the ties that bind her to Valmorain.


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