Javascript The Complete Reference 3Rd Edition


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Год: 2011

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960 стр.
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This fully updated definitive JavaScript guide covers the latest features—including its uses in Ajax and HTML5-based Web applications

JavaScript: The Complete Reference, Third Edition is completely revised to cover the newest changes to JavaScript up to version 1.9, the latest browser-specific features for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, as well popular JavaScript frameworks like jQuery. All examples presented focus on the emergence of HTML5 and its various APIs including canvas, storage, and more.

This comprehensive guide shows you how to build dynamic, cross-browser Web sites and applications using JavaScript. You’ll learn not only the syntax of language, but its related object models, and combine this knowledge to develop practical applications.

JavaScript: The Complete Reference, Third Edition

  • Covers the newest versions of JavaScript, DOM, and Ajax (XMLHttpRequest) specifications
  • Updated for latest browsers and specifications including HTML5
  • Includes the newest features of JavaScript
  • Addresses modern JavaScript coding techniques popularized since the previous edition

Comprehensive coverage:
Introduction to JavaScript; JavaScript Core Features; Data Types & Variables; Operators, Expressions & Statements; Functions; Objects; Array, Date, Math; Regular Expressions; JavaScript Object Models; The Standard DOM; Event Handling; CNT, Windows & Frames; Handling Documents; Form Handling; DHTML and Beyond; Canvas; JavaScript UIs; Browser Detection; Cookies & Persistence; JS & Embedded Objects; Ajax and Remote JS; JavaScript and XML; Browser Specific JS; JavaScript Security; JavaScript Practices


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