Journey Through Risk and Fear: Face Fear, Find your Purpose (Volume 1)


Автор: Bernie M. Parent, Michele M. Paiva, Dean Smith

Издательство: Balletsa, Incorporated

Год: 2011

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154 стр.

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188000 руб.


Former Philadelphia Flyer & Hall of Fame icon, Bernie Parent brings lessons from life and his philosophy to print with his book, Journey Through Risk and Fear. Parent becomes your personal coach while you empower yourself while allowing yourself to dream, better visualizing your goals, cultivating a productive network and finding your purpose; all while forging through fear and risk. Are you feeling a bit like a dog; neglected and tied to a life that is secure but not fulfilling? You are not alone. You can keep your security or even add more security by transforming yourself from a dog to wolf. Learn the secrets of how to develop a network or pack, and how to face fear while keeping sight of your goals and dreams. Job loss, relationship troubles, child-rearing issues and loss of career; a need to get ahead, get that raise, start that business, make those changes and so much more; it's all about taking that journey. Fans can enjoy glimpses into Parent's personal life, little known facts never shared before and intimate details such as his thoughts and fears immediately career ending eye injury. Readers should be plan to have many aha moments as they read and are illuminated by the wisdom and wit of Parent. He guides with that down to earth charisma that has made him a much-sought after speaker while he leads with the strong hand that you would expect from one of the worlds most skilled goalies. Parent partnered with manager, Dean Smith and author Michele Paiva to develop a three-part book with the goal of helping the reader get to know Parent more intimately, learn valuable tools and, apply those very tools to empower themselves. Take your journey through risk and fear, with Bernie Parent.


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